You’ve probably heard by now that 97% who try to make money with affiliate marketing fail.  Why is that?  There are several reasons, and if you avoid these pitfalls you can experience success.  The most important thing is that you choose a profitable niche and work hard, persevering even when you feel like throwing in the towel.  Other than that, here are some tips that will explain how to become a successful affiliate.

  • Think more about truly helping people than how much money you are going to make.  When you put sales and profits first and foremost, you’re doomed from the beginning.
  • Build a list.  I know, you’ve heard it before – “the money is in the list”.  Well, it’s true; but what’s even more true is that the money is in the relationship you build with that list.  People really want help with their problems/needs.  If you can be the one to help them and they can see you’re genuinely concerned, your list will be extremely profitable.
  • Be unique when marketing your product/service.  Most vendors offer banners, e-mail messages, and other tools to promote their products.  Consider writing your own e-mails so that yours stand out from those that hundreds or even thousands of other affiliates use!  When people see your ad or message, it won’t be the same one they’ve already been exposed to by many other affiliates promoting the same product.
  • Stick to one or two products as a solution for a particular need.  It’s hard for people to trust your recommendations when you’re promoting everything under the sun!
  • Avoid these common mistakes

Stay focused, work on one single niche until you have it mastered, and don’t give up.  Put the tips above to work in your affiliate marketing efforts, and you’ll soon see that you’re making money!

If you want to jump-start your affiliate marketing career without wasting any time trying to learn it all on your own, I highly recommend Rosalind Gardner’s Super Affiliate Handbook.  This highly-acclaimed guide has been around for years and is updated on a regular basis.


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