As a writer, I can tell you that writing web content is hugely profitable – and you can make money almost instantly.  Other popular ways to make money on the internet include affiliate marketing, blogging and creating your own products (digital, videos, e-mail course, etc.)  I do make money with affiliate marketing and blogging, but I would recommend web content writing (articles, web pages, blog posts, etc.) for someone new wanting to make money on the internet.  Why?  Here’s a short explanation.

First of all, you can make money writing web pages, articles and other content in just a day or two, due to the fact that most clients pay through Paypal.  The work is easy, and anyone can write if you can spell and have decent grammar skills.  You can also research any topic online, making it easier to write even about those topics you are not familiar with.

Secondly, you’re going to need to know how to write anyway if you plan to make money with affiliate marketing or blogging, unless you have a substantial amount of money and can pay someone to write it for you.  With affiliate marketing, you will need content for your website pages, articles, landing pages, etc.  Naturally, blogging requires writing because you have to update your blog frequently if you want to attract traffic and have a successful business.

Any way you look at it, learning how to write will be an asset in any type of online business venture.  Why not start with web content writing?  You can learn as you go which will prepare you for your other money-making ventures (affiliate marketing, blogging) and make money while you are at it.  Make sense?  Makes perfect sense to me.


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